Monday, February 28, 2011

The vision of this site

Hello all,

After a couple of years back on the dating scene in this beautiful city, I am starting to come to the conclusion that  I may just stay single.  I hear countless stories of fabulous first dates followed by the ever so frequent devastation, that what was once thought to be a dream, well just was that.... a dream.

I have witnessed and listened intently about what is going on in this city, as far as the dating scene goes. It seems like the recurring theme is *Commitment issues* My simple question is why?

I hope  that this can be a forum for men and women alike to share their stories, Dating disasters and success stories. Potentially leading to a place where people who are looking for healthy, ever growing  and committed relationships can share with like minds.

 Through this journey, I will be sharing some of my most hilarious, quirky, and down right strange dating experiences, many I am sure you all will be able to relate to and others, where you will just consider yourself fortunate not to have experienced.. :)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read, and hope to put some light and hope back into the Montreal dating scene.

Kind regards

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  1. Girls will not make you happy! i once read this on the internet and it caught my interest. this title was followed by ... happiness is inside you, not in other people or stuff you need to buy. this is why you must focus on yourself first before you bring someone else in your life! And I think most of the relationship problems that couples experience come from the fact that men or women have too many expectations about their counterparts. if people were happy with their lives, they would never be affected by others. but its rarely the case.